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We understand that you need work done quickly and you need work done right – it’s what we’ve been doing for decades.

Back On The Road.

Structural Trailer Repairs

A trailer is only productive when it’s on the road and hauling what it was designed to haul. So when a trailer sustains damage or needs modifications you need a team that you can trust to get you back on the road.

Trailercraft’s experienced team of repair specialists rebuilds transport trailers to the highest standard in the industry. Our dedicated facilities are designed to tackle minor and major structural repairs and restore all brands, makes, and models of trailers to the original manufacturers’ specifications – or better.

Trailercraft can only earn trust by delivering on our commitments – so we take a long-term approach in our relationships with customers so that you can count on us today and tomorrow to get you back on the road.


Our experience with insurance providers allows us to work knowledgeably - to make the entire process as easy as possible for both the carrier and the adjuster. 


We follow a clear process of operation that ensures repeatability and consistency in our work and our service. Plus, we keep detailed records of all repairs and parts replacements to help track within your maintenance program.

Your Location

We accommodate repairs and projects from all over the country. Often there are very simple and cost effective ways we can make bringing your trailer to us worth the trip.


We know that every day you are not on the road is a day without revenue. Our commitment to getting you back on the road is what drives us to be more efficient and have a more effective impact on your bottom line.


Trailercraft is committed to the quality of our work and our service and we ensure that all repairs are completed to levels beyond acceptable industry standards and we stand behind that work.


Our people lead the trailer repair industry in technical skills and quality of work and our education and training programs continue to keep them there. Our entire team is engaged in delivering on our promise to our customers and take great pride in their craft.



By listening to our customers and understanding their needs we can take care of any structural project. From simple repairs to custom fleet modifications.


Our experience and capabilities provide our customers with service they can trust.

Trailercraft Structural Trailer Repairs


From minor bends to complete
rebuilds we can make it like new
again from the wheels up.



Special changes to the structure and/or function of the trailer or equipment.



Improvements to, or reinforcement of your equipment.



Making old look new through a rigorous renewal process that could include disassembly, repair and replacement, straightening, sand blast, paint and re-assembly.

Option Installations

Professionally add or install options and accessories to your equipment.



Our skilled repair team includes Certified Inspectors to ensure your trailer is operationally safe and ready to get back to work.


Custom Fabrication

We can design and create any functional addition to your trailer and can even build a completely new trailer.


For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please contact us or fill out the form:

Head Office

9880 McGrath Road,

Rosedale, BC

Canada V0X 1X0



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Trailercraft - Structural Trailer Repairs

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